Learn how to dwell ‘perpetually’ by means of expertise: Russian transhumanist outlines 4 methods

Learn how to dwell ‘perpetually’ by means of expertise: Russian transhumanist outlines 4 methods

Individuals (properly, a few of them) have all the time been fascinated by the considered the Elixir of Life, that will make them dwell perpetually and a few of them have gone in search of for it additionally, however to no avail. Lower to the current, a Russian transhumanist known as Alexey Turchin has outlined a complete of 4 alternative ways one may attempt to stretch his/her life indefinitely in a blogpost. These 4 plans, in accordance with him, can act as insurance coverage individually in case the earlier plan fails. So, with out additional ado, let’s hear them.
Plan A, which is “the obvious plan”, is to outlive till a pleasant AI has been created. He says if you’re younger by the point the AI arrives, you may be a part of or bide your time for a greater possibility. However if you’re outdated, you could not have that many selections. As per him, “plan A is a relay race of life extension strategies, till the issue of demise is solved”. It consists of taking steps to defeat getting older, “to develop and exchange diseased organs with new bioengineered ones, to get a nanotech physique and in the long run to be scanned into a pc.”
However in case you die earlier than the AI arrives, what then. Then comes plan B, cryonics, that’s, freezing a lifeless physique for the long run within the hope of resurrection. For this, Turchin advocates “easy steps” like “calling your nearest cryo firm a couple of contract.”
If these two fail, then comes plan C: Digital immortality. It offers with the hope that after demise, an individual can in some way be revived with the assistance of their collected recorded data. It’s only a concept as of now.
Plan D will not be a plan however a hope that “hope or a guess that immortality already exists in some way: maybe there’s quantum immortality, or maybe future AI will deliver us again to life.”
In the end, all plans result in a dwelling human being uploaded onto an AI system on the pretext of dwelling perpetually. What number of of you might be prepared, offered such a factor turned attainable?

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