A calendar of fact and lies: The Weekly Puzzle by Dilip D’Souza

A calendar of fact and lies: The Weekly Puzzle by Dilip D’Souza

There are many puzzles about liars and truth-tellers

By By Dilip D’Souza

PUBLISHED ON MAR 05, 2021 07:52 PM IST

There are many puzzles about liars and truth-tellers. You understand, you meet two of them and don’t know which is which, however can you continue to, by asking one query, get them to level out the proper path to the closest idli-dosai place?

Right here’s a variant of types. A household has twin daughters who’re all the time dreaming up peculiar issues to do. Someday, their long-suffering mom tells you their newest: “Sabiya is a liar on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, however tells the reality each different day of the week. Manjiri lies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, nevertheless it’s nothing however the fact on the opposite days of the week.”

Intrigued by this, you ask to fulfill the women. If you do, Sabiya says: “Yesterday I informed about 200 lies!” Manjiri pipes up: “Me too!”

Question: What day is it?

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Answer and reply

First, observe that on any given day of the week besides Sunday, one woman is mendacity and one is telling the reality. Whether it is a type of days, one of many ladies’ statements is a lie and the opposite true; if Sunday, each are true.

However wait, can each be true? On a Sunday, Manjiri’s assertion is true (since she lies on Saturdays), however Sabiya’s can’t be (since she tells the reality on Saturdays).

Thus we all know it’s not Sunday; and that one assertion have to be true and the opposite one a lie.

The true assertion can solely be true whether it is made on a day that the woman involved tells the reality, however instantly after a day when she lied. For Manjiri, that’s Sunday; for Sabiya, Thursday.

However we all know it could’t be a Sunday. Thus it’s a Thursday. So Manjiri is mendacity, Sabiya is telling the reality.


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