Nasa groups up with Sia to rejoice upcoming Ingenuity take a look at flight on Mars

Nasa groups up with Sia to rejoice upcoming Ingenuity take a look at flight on Mars

“Sia x Ingenuity – Floating Via Area,” reads the caption of the Nasa collaboration video shared on Sia’s official Insta web page.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON APR 08, 2021 12:20 AM IST

“Sound the epic collaboration alarm!” that is how a latest tweet by Nasa about teaming up with singer Sia to rejoice the upcoming first flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter begins. A video of the music, initially shared on Twitter deal with of Atlantic Data and later re-posted by Nasa, has now left individuals in awe.

“Impressed by @NASAJPL’s Mars Perseverance Mission, watch #Sia’s #FloatingThroughSpace video collab with the Ingenuity helicopter to rejoice the upcoming take a look at flight on the Crimson Planet!” the document label wrote whereas sharing the video.

The video was additionally shared on the official Instagram web page of the singer with the caption “Sia x Ingenuity – Floating Via Area.”

Check out the video:

Since being shared a bit over an hour in the past, the video has gathered greater than 60,000 views – and counting. It has additionally acquired tons of responses from individuals.

In a blog by Nasa, the house company shared “NASA is focusing on no sooner than Sunday, April 11, for Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s first try at powered, managed flight on one other planet.” The helicopter arrived at Mars’ Jezero Crater on February 18, connected to the stomach of NASA’s Perseverance rover.

What are your ideas on Nasa and Sia’s collaboration video for Ingenuity Mars Helicopter?


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