What is Blog Commenting?

  1. We all are aware of what commenting is and what it does. Blog commenting is no different. Basically set up a connection among bloggers and blog readers. So it goes like this:
  2. Read a blog.
  3. Gain value through the mentioned content.
  4. Leave a valuable comment praising the blog / blogger or, even better, stating your learning or how the blog linked your life and the parts you want to add to the same context.

By doing this, you are reading a blog with all the other people reading your thoughts, ideas or opinions (for a particular topic). Thus blog commenting leads to healthy discussion.

So, blog commenting is, by all means, the easiest way to make a blog interactive. But wait – it helps the blogger who wrote the blog because the comments are getting so many people who are discussing the blog topic. Also, blog comments helped socialize the blog as people talk about it and share it. But is it also valuable for those who are commenting on the blog? 

 Is Blog Commenting Effective? Is it Important?

If corrected, blog commenting is really effective and can greatly impact your website / blog SEO, thus leading in traffic flow. Here’s how:

1) Visibility

When you add valuable comments to blog comment sites, your visibility increases. I will tell you how! A lot of people are reading the same blog and going through the comments. When they come to your comment – they may find it interesting and worth it while visiting your website. Thus the key here is to put your name in front of the maximum number of people related to your industry.

 2) Credibility

Remember that to establish credibility on blog commenting sites, you need to add value through your comments.

 Once you begin to regularly add thoughtful comments to the post, people will start recognizing you as someone who knows the subject in context. The key here is to market yourself as an expert on the said topic, once you do that, people will start following you and your brand.

3) Business Relationships

Commenting on blog commenting sites can help you build relationships and eventually open up new business opportunities. How? When you are constantly on the blog through commenting, the blogger and other fellow commentators on the page will start recognizing you and connecting with you politely.

Over time, you can introduce them to your product / services and turn Voila into a friendly engagement a business lead. Also, if the blogger of the page likes your views / opinions, you may get a chance to guest blog on the site. So, you see how it benefits you from all sides.

4) Traffic

If you select high DA blog commenting sites (I will help you!) – leave relevant and valuable comments for your industry, people who read those blogs will click on your website.

They’ll do so because through your consistent and meaningful comments you position yourself as an expert and people always want to know/hear more from experts. And that’s how you increase traffic to your website.

5) Comment Backlinks

Note that if you do not get the rights from search engines, then it will be difficult to attract traffic to your website. Here is the cure for that! When you comment on blog commenting sites, you create a backlink for yourself that helps you establish authority and thereby generate traffic. Also, remember in this technique – it’s not the quantity but the quality of your comments that will make a difference.  

6) Brand Recognition 

Have patience! Why am I saying that? Because it’s possible that folks genuinely like what you comment but don’t become your subscribers immediately. And it’s okay if that happens. albeit those users don’t become your visitors/subscribers with immediate effect, they recognize your brand and can remember and consider you while buying a product/service.


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